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Division Rules

Attention Athletes Inquiring Critiques and Division Rules!

Competitors will be required to receive their critiques at the end of the show and will NOT be able to receive them at any other time! We will no longer accept any e-mails, messages, or phone calls in regards to critiques. If you do not stay until the end of the event, the critiques will be destroyed following the event. This is due to an overwhelming amount of inquiries contacting the head judge weeks after the event as the athlete did not stay until the completion of the show.


All Athletes must meet the criteria for each division rule,  general rules, code of conduct, teenage rules, and prop regulations. If you are competing in a specific division understand that you must meet the criteria for that division including specific attire, jewelry etc. There will no alterations allowed for each rule listed.  We are a family friendly atmosphere and will remain as such. 

See unsanctioned divisions below. The events marked unsanctioned will not award Professional cards and not all promoters will be offering these divisions at their contests

All divisions must have a membership card to compete and kids fitness will be the only division needing a parental consent release of liability form in leu of a membership card


Divisional Guidelines

Competitors can enter both Novice & Open Divisions

Divisions / Classes / Weight / Height

Note: All criteria is at the discretion of the show Promoter, check each show for information on divisions & classes provided

  • Men 's Bodybuilding - Open, Novice, Masters, Teen

  • Open, Novice, Masters

  • Men's Classic Bodybuilding - Open And Masters

  • Woman's Classic Bodybuilding- Open and Masters only

  • Figure - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Fitness- Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Men's Beach Body - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Woman's Beach Body - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Mixed Pairs Open Only - Not a qualifying category

  • Shape - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Unsanctioned - Transformation

  • Unsanctioned - Wings

  • Unsanctioned -  Mixed Pairs

Master's Age Groups & Information

Note: Master's Division requires a 5 or more in a Class for eligibility for Pro Status (No Exceptions)Master's does not have an overall posedown

  • 35-39

  • 40-44

  • 45-49

  • 50-54

  • 55-59

  • 60-64

  • 65-69

  • 70+

Additional Information

The Open & Master's Classes will be the ONLY classes eligible for Pro Status Winners

There will NOT be any Pro Status awarded to Mixed Pairs, Transformation, or the Wings Divisions. These Divisions are awarded Trophies Only

For those who wish to use Props, a Prop Form must be filled out and turned into the judges at weight in / show check in the night before the event

All 1st & 2nd place winners from the 2023 season are eligible to compete in any of the 3 Globally Qualifying events for a chance to win Professional Status. See the Event's Page for more information

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