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Professional Commitment Entry Forms


Prior to completing entry, please refer to the new rules that will apply for this year's competition season by clicking the button below.



You MUST be current on your Professional Membership and have both the entry & payment completed to be officially placed on the roster for each event.

For those entering the Master's Atlas, all registration forms & payment will go through Chris Cruz. For any questions regarding this event, contact:

Louisiana State Championships

Sulphur, LA
June 24, 2023

Pro Figure & Pro Men's Classic Bodybuilding


FXB Fitness Classic

Waxahachie, TX
July 29, 2023

Pro Women's Beach Body


The Porter Classic

Beaumont, TX
Aug 26, 2023

Pro Shape & Pro Women's Classic Bodybuilding


Adonis Hawaii

Hilo, HI
Sept 30, 2023

Pro Women's Beach Body


Iron Legends

Arlington, TX
Oct 21, 2023

Pro Men's & Women's Beach Body, Pro Shape, & Pro Figure


Mr & Ms Untested Atlas

Arlington, TX
Nov 11, 2023

All Pro Divisions

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