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About GBO

Global Bodybuilding Organization LLC was founded by Bob and Laura Johnson in 2015.


We are a For Profit Organization hosting national and international events across the globe.


Promoters sanction with Global Bodybuilding to promote an event using our rules and regulations. 



Global Bodybuilding Organization was founded in 2015 with keeping the athlete in mind. We consider this organization to be an Athlete's First organization and always listen to our athletes to create the best experience for all our competitors and implement changes when necessary. 


We started out with the understanding that amateur athletes could compete with any organization of their choice, but that choice is often taken from Professionals in other organizations. Recently, we put in place a competition rule allowing GBO Professionals the opportunity to compete as amateurs in other organizations. However, when a GBO Professional competes with us, they compete at a professional level only.

Once a year we host a Professional Symposium; bringing in speakers for our Professionals to grow and gain knowledge that may benefit them.

We continue to add new shows, promoters, judges, and directors and have discontinued relationships based on what is best for the organization and our athletes.

We continue to grow and learn through this process and embrace the future! 

Here We Grow GBO!

Organization Chart

International Organization Chart

Some of our International Countries are run by the President & Vice President

Please use contact information below as an older contact form was generated through a third party through the website and messages may not have been received due to this.  If you have a question, contact my email address below!

We are always looking for new and exciting ideas and opportunities!

Let's connect!

Global Bodybuilding Organization

PO Box 760

Jacksboro, TX 76458-0760

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