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Rules for Competing 2024

Untested and Tested Athletes
Tested athletes please be aware that you will obtain Pro status by the old rule which is listed on the Tested Athletes page. This rule states that Overall Winners will win Pro status along with passing your drug test. The rule below for qualifying events for pro status is for Untested athletes only. If you have questions, reach out to


  • Membership Cards

    • This is only for your GBO membership, athletes who wish to compete in shows must still purchase their registration to the specific show they are interested in.

  • All Registration & Membership purchases are final, no refunds or exceptions

    • Athlete Membership Cards are sent electronically via your provided E-Mail address.​

    • Processing may take 2-3 weeks; if you do not see your card in your inbox, please check your spam folder before contacting our office.​

    • Once you receive your Membership Card, please save the card to your phone

  • The Global Bodybuilding Organization​ reserves the right to refuse Amateur or Pro Memberships and GBO can exercise this right


  • GBO Amateur Membership fee is $120 and is effective for a full year from the date of purchase

  • Amateurs can compete in both Sanctioned & Unsanctioned events as well as compete with other Federations / Organizations or Individualized Events

Professional Athlete

  • GBO Professional Membership fee is $150 and is effective for a full year from the date of purchase

  • As a Professional GBO Athlete, you will compete at GBO Pro Level sanctioned events or with permission at a Pro Level with another organization that will accept your GBO Pro Status​

  • New Professional Memberships:

    • You have 90 days to activate your New Pro Membership. If you fail to activate it within that time, you will have to re-qualify for your status​

    • To complete the process, you will need to contact Laura Johnson who will direct you to the appropriate documents to be completed and signed, along with payment and further instructions to officiate your GBO Pro Status

    • Once accepted as a GBO Pro Athlete under membership, you can still compete as an Amateur in a Sanctioned event for an Organization / Federation that is at least 5 years or older and offers Professional Status to their athletes

      • This would be for established Organizations / F​ederations that Do Not recognize your GBO Pro Status.

      • Due to this rule, you must keep up with your Pro Membership with GBO. If you compete as an Amateur with an Organization and your Pro Status is Not kept up with in GBO, then you must re-qualify for Pro Status​​​​

  • Professional Athletes may Not compete as an amateur in an event hosted by an individual or an event that is considered to be unsanctioned, as these events Do Not offer Professional status.​​

  • A GBO Athlete that qualifies for Pro Status has the right to refuse Pro Status and remain an amateur if they want to compete with both sanctioned and unsanctioned Federations / Organizations and individualized events. You can compete to re-qualify for status at a later date with GBO

  • Renewal:

    • You must renew on a yearly basis; Athletes who let 2 years lapse without renewal will be able to renew by paying a reinstatement fee along with the regular membership fee​

      • Athletes who let 5 years lapse without renewing will be required to re-qualify as a Professional.​

    • Contact for renewals only!​

  • A Commitment Entry will be required with an administration fee attached for all Professional Events​

Global Qualification Information

Untested Athletes who want to turn Pro

Note: Tested Athletes go to Tested Rules page for

information on Pro Status winners which will be

different on how you turn Pro.

  • GBO Shows/Events will now award all 1st & 2nd place winners from 2023 as Globally Qualified to compete in 2024 for Pro Status.

    • There will be 3 Global Qualifiers offered in 2023​

      • Porter Global Qualifier.  All  1st place winners from each class within a division (example: Figure Division - 1st place winners in A class, B class etc.)  win their professional status. 
      • This will take place in the evening , the same day as the Southeast Texas Classic. Both are straight through formats. 
      • Adonis Classic (November 09, 2024) All Open Overall win Pro Status

      • Atlas International (Nov 16, 2024) Morning event will offer a chance to win professional status. The difference is that only open overall winners will get a chance to win professional status for a chance to compete in the Pro show in the evening once membership paperwork and fee has been completed. 

    • There will be no overalls for Masters Divisions; events that have 5 or more in a class​ the winner of that event will earn Pro Status.

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