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Global Bodybuilding Organization

Here we Grow!

National & International Events


Professional Commitment Entries are live. Please go to Professional Entry page for informaton on Professional events this year. 


Tested Events are being restructured for the year 2024. Keep up with the latest news right here.

If interested in promoting tested or non tested contact

Events are updated daily. Go to Events Page and make note of your event today!

All 1st and 2nd place winners from 2022 and 2023 will be eligible to compete at the Qualifier event for a chance at a Pro Status Membership. 

All Hawaii Events this year - All Overall Open Winners will win Pro Status.

Note - After an unexpected move from our Natural Team, Global Bodybuilding will have to review our Tested Division. 

All Tested Athletes Pro and Amateur can compete in our Untested events as tested athletes have won cash and prizes and Pro Status due to our strict rules and policies.

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