Attention all athletes, patrons and vendors!

The following events are being rescheduled or canceled in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

SPI South Padre Island Old date - May 9, 2020 -New date Sept 29, 2020
Heroes Of Fitness Oklahoma City- old date - May 16, 2020 - new date to be announced

Legacy - Houston TX New Date Sept 26, 2020

Battle Of Central Texas- Canceled for 2020

Pervis Green Classic - Canceled for 2020- new date July 10, 2021

Century Iron Classic- New date to be announced

The Champion Classic - Postponed with new date March 2021

Max Muscle - Canceled for 2020 -

Porter Classic Canceled- 2021 Reschedule

Atlas International Event - Canceled - 2021  Reschedule

LaRouge Classic - Canceled- 2021 Reschedule

SPI Classic- Canceled - 2021 Reschedule

Miami Classic- Canceled- 2021 Reschedule

Gator Classic - Canceled- 2021 Reschedule

Louisiana Championships - Canceled - 2021 Reschedule

Global Bodybuilding Organization is committed to the safety of our athletes, vendors and patrons. As information becomes available, we will communicate via social media and our website.

Go to Contest Schedules tab for a complete list of events with dates. 

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This is only shows with Amateur and Pro Events. This is for Pro's to enter only.

For a compete list of events for Amateurs go to Contest Schedule tab 

G.B.O. Professional Commitment Letters to Compete

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Must be a Professional updated member to compete. See shows below and download the form.

Again, this is for GBO Professional Athletes Only

Forms must be sent to for all Pro shows

Heroes Of Fitness

New Date To Be Announced

Porter Classic


Legacy Classic

New Date Sept 26, 2020

Louisiana Championships

October 03, 2020

Max Muscle Classic

August 15, 2020

Storm Classic

October 24, 2020

Pro Men Standard Bodybuilding

Pro Shape

Pro Women Classic Bodybuilding

Pro Men Beach Body

Pro Women Beach Body

Pro Figure

Pro Men Beach Body

Pro Women Beach Body

Pro Men Classic Bodybuilding


New Date to Be Announced