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Professional Events/Catagories Commitment Entries

Please note you must be current on your membership in order to enter with a commitment. 

This applies to being current at the time of the event. If you are current today and will not be current at show time, please do not submit your commitment until you are current for that date.

All rules will apply and it is up to the athlete to read their commitment entry. 

Untested Pro Events

Louisiana State Championships

March 13, 2021

Figure and Figure Masters



Margaritaville - April 17, 2021

Woman Beach  and Men Beach



Nevada State Championships

May 29, 2021

Men Standard Bodybuilding and Shape



Porter Classic - August 7, 2021

Men Standard Bodybuilding

Men Master Standard Bodybuilding, Women Classic Bodybuilding




South Padre Island - Sept 25, 2021

Women Open Beach Body

Women Master Beach Body





Storm Classic - Oct 23, 2021

Women Beach, Men Beach

Figure, Men Classic Bodybuilding







Mr. and Ms. Atlas 

Dec 3, 2021 and Dec 4, 2021

All Divisions

Tested Pro Events

Genesis- March 20, 2021

Women Open Beach Body




Max Muscle - May 8, 2021





The Diva- June 26, 2021




Mild High Championships

July 24, 2021

Pro Figure





Legacy Classic -

August 21, 2021

Men Standard Bodybuilding

Women Classic Bodybuilding

Women Beach Body, Men Beach Body


Texas Titan

October 9, 2021

Pro Men Beachbody 

Pro Men Classic Bodybuilding 





Mr. and Ms. Atlas 

Dec 3, 2021 and Dec 4, 2021

All Divisions

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