What is Classic Bodybuilding?

Classic Bodybuilding was designed to have a fair playing field for those

who want to compete in bodybuilding. The premises is the height to weight ratio concept!

GBO Pro Timmy Pratt - Mr. Atlas 2018 - GBO Regulated trunks for Classic Bodybuilding

At a Professional show,divisions are not broken out into the individual classes and you compete as Open however before getting on stage, you must meet the height to weight ratio to compete as a Professional Classic Bodybuilder. All judges will be looking for a proportional ratio balance for the mandatory height verses weight classes.

As you can see in the picture from Atlas 2018, GBO Pro Mohammed Sherif won 2nd place and is in the 5'5” Weight limit = up to 150lbs.

At an Amateur event, each individual class is broken out.

GBO Pro's Timmy Pratt, Mohammed Sherif, Darwin Zambrano - Top Three for the Mr and Ms Atlas 2018

What Are The Height To Weight Classes in Global Bodybuilding?

GBO Pro Elsa Porter- Ms Atlas 2018

Men's Classic Bodybuilding-

Under 5'5” Weight limit = up to 150lbs

5'51/4” up to 5'6” = Weight up to 160lbs

5'61/4” up to 5'7” = Weight up to 174lbs

5'71/4' up to 5'9” = Weight up to 190lbs

5'91/4' up to 5’11” = Weight up to 214lbs

5’11 1/4” and over = up to 236lbs

Woman's Classic Bodybuilding-

Under 5'3” Weight limit = up to 137lbs 5'3” to 5'7”

Weight limit = up to 147lbs over 5'7”

Weight limit = up to 160lbs maximum

Mandatory Poses verses 3 Classic poses in Global Bodybuilding?

Mandatory Poses:

GBO Pro's Elsa Porter, Krista McNaught Davis, and Virginia Lake- Top 3 placings Mr and Ms Atlas 2018

• Front Lat Spread

• Front Double Bicep

• Side Chest

• Rear Lat Spread

• Rear Double Bicep

• Side Tricep

• Abdominal and Thigh

Classic Women are not required to do the Classic Poses shown below!

• 3 Classic Poses of your choice

Arnold Twisting Back Bicep Pose

Sergio Olivia Victory Pose

Steve Reeves Archer Pose

Arnold Kneeling Twist Bicep

Larry Scott Side Double Bicep

Vacuum Pose

Frank Zane Tricep quad pose