What is the Box Walk in Global Bodybuilding?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Global Bodybuilding Organization formulated the Box Walk for the following divisions:

  1. Figure

  2. Men and Women Beach Body

  3. Shape

What is the Box Walk in Global Bodybuilding?

The "Box Walk" was devised by Global Bodybuilding Organization to give the athlete added stage time.

When we put Global Bodybuilding together, one of our goals was the "Athletes First" implementation.

Let's think about who has purchased a ticket to see their family member, best friend etc. on stage. Not to mention the stage time you have earned as an athlete.

What divisions are implemented for the "Box Walk"?

The divisions are to include:

  • Shape

  • Figure

  • Men and Women Beach Body

There are a number of reasons we have just the three divisions in the "Box Walk"

  1. All of the divisions noted tend to have a larger population for an event.

  2. Your Bodybuilding and Classic Bodybuilding events perform a routine, therefore giving them the noted stage time for their division.

This is not a mandatory posing round! You are being judged, however this is your time. The poses are your choice to do with each box point. Athletes, have fun with this and show off your hard work!

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