Changes in 2020

We have noticed a lot individuals contacting us on the Pro Qualifiers for Global Bodybuilding.

This year 2019- All overall winners are awarded Pro Status to receive their Pro paperwork for acceptance.

This year 2019- All 1st and 2nd place winners have a chance again at Pro status at our first annual Global Bodybuilding Organization qualifier in Las Vegas Nevada. This event is formally known as "Vegas Royal Flush Championships" The individuals in 2019 who placed 1st or 2nd place will receive a letter letting them know they are qualified to compete for a Pro Status. Online registration will open in October.

We will have a morning event on this same date as a Global Qualifier for 1st and 2nd place to also compete in the evening hours for a Pro Status. This is open to all competitors who did not place 1st or 2nd or did not compete at a Global Bodybuilding Organization event in 2019. Again, you must place 1st or 2nd to be qualified to compete in the evening event with all of the original 1st and 2nd place winners from 2019.

Next year, there will be no more local Pro Qualifiers and we will only have events that give an athlete a chance to become Globally Qualified to compete each year for a Pro Status. The same rules apply for 1st and 2nd place winners becoming qualified under Global Bodybuilding Organization for the competition each year in Las Vegas.

With growth, comes change and this has always been part of our bigger plan.

Keep your eye on the prize and Good Luck Athletes!!!!