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Men's Bodybuilding Champion over 40 :

Orlando Moore 

Men's Bodybuilding Champion Over 50:

Randy Brooks 

Overall Master Men's Bodybuilding Champion :

Orlando Moore 


Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding Champions :

Randy Brooks & Krista Michele 


Men's Open Bodybuilding Middleweight Champion : Randy Brooks 


Men's Open Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight 

1st place :Khalid Maroc

2nd place : Orlando Moore 

3rd place : Jeremy Harvey 


Men's Open Bodybuilding Heavyweight :

1st place Tyler Brook 


Men's Open Bodybuilding Super Heavyweight :

1st place Rade Mrkela


Overall Men's open Bodybuilding Champion 

Khalid Maroc


Women Masters Bodybuilding Champion over 40 & 50 and overall champion :

Toni Brown 


Women's Open Lightweight Bodybuilding Champion : Toni Brown 


Women's Open Heavyweight Champion :

Krista Michele 


Women's Open Overall Champion :

Krista Michele 


Novice Men's Beach Body Champion & Overall : 

Kanon Charbonneau

Open Men's Beach Body Champion & Overall :Kanon Charbonneau


Women Masters Beach Body Over 40 :

1st place : Theresa Stone 

2nd place : Paula Taylor 

Overall Women's Masters Beach Body Champion :

Theresa Stone 


Women's Open Beach Body :

Class A Winner  : Theresa Stone 

Class B Winner : Paula Taylor 

Class C Winner : Lydia Taylor 

Overall Winner : Theresa Stone


Men's Classic Bodybuilding Champion & overall winner:Khalid Maroc


Women's Overall Classic  Bodybuilding Champion : Krista Michele 


Special Guest posers :

Kyle Stevens 

Jake Genthos 

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