Classic Bodybuilding GBO Regulated trunks

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Rules and Regulations




The following criteria for shows will be assigned to future  for 2021:


  • Pro Qualifiers for Overall Winners only in Open Classes


C. Divisions/Classes/Weight/Height-


1. Divisions - (up to the Promoter- see what classes are offered at each individual show)


  • Men and Woman's Bodybuilding - Open, Novice, Masters, Teen

  • Men's Classic Bodybuilding 

  • Woman's Classic Bodybuilding- Open and Masters only

  • Figure - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Fitness- Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Men's Beach Body - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Woman's Beach Body - Open, Novice, Masters, and Teen

  • Mixed Pairs Open Only - Not a qualifying catagory


All Overall winners only in 2021 are Pro Status winners.

If you do not win overall we will have top three eligible to compete in Las Vegas for a possibility to earn Pro Status.

*****Note - 2021 will be the last year that all events are Pro Qualifiers! You must qualify within top 3 to compete at our event in Las Vegas in order to become Pro Status. 

Masters Age Groups:





********Note-The Open and Masters classes will be the only classes eligible for Pro Status winners.


Masters is a Divisional Class Pro Status Winner only with 5 or more in the class for eligibility (NO Exceptions).  Masters does not have an overall posedown. 

Note: There will not be any Pro Status awarded to  Mixed Pairs. These Divisions are trophy only awards.

Remember you can use props but a prop form must be filled out and turned into the judges at weigh in meetings.

Competitors can do both Novice and Open Divisions

Masters Division is a 5 or more in a class