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Bob Johnson President

Lauranne Johnson Vice President –


Global Bodybuilding Organization was formed with the premises of keeping true to an“Athlete First” competition friendly atmosphere. This concept was announced on social media along with our divisions (announcement of Classic Bodybuilding in USA) Feb 2015. The first year we prepared our business for upcoming events. The events officially started in 2016. After years of competing, promotion and involvement within the bodybuilding industry, we realized that our “standards” of promoting and organizing a well rounded event was only going to the next level by forming our own organization.


While things may not always be perfect, we believe in giving 100% Fanatical Service to our Athletes, Vendors and our Patrons.

Thank you for helping us in bringing Global Bodybuilding Organization around the world!


 Mission Statement -
“To provide a professional “Athlete Friendly” event with the intent of keeping within the GBO standards”